BBH Directors

BBH’s founder and honorary president is H. A. Crosby Forbes, who grew up on Back Bay Beacon Street to become a distinguished scholar and curator emeritus of Asian Export art at the Peabody Essex Museum. Vice-President and Treasurer is Mary Kay Holder, co-chair of the Boston Cotillion and a member of the Board of Managers of the Vincent Memorial Hospital at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has a special interest in historic preservation due to her work with the Colonial Dames. For the vitae of BBH president Douglass Shand-Tucci see Mission-6. The BBH corporation, registered under Massachussetts law, is a self-perpetuating three person board, current members of which are Holder, Shand-Tucci and Prof. Mark Jarzombek, for whom see Mission-7 and eScholarship.

BBH Advisory Board

BBH’s Advisory Board consists of sixteen distinguished figures who have accepted appointment to the Board in order to advise the Directors when requested. The Board is chaired by General Robert Quinn, who led the process of BBH’s incorporation. There are currently fifteen active members: William Buckingham, Lorna Condon, David Dearinger, Robert Forbes, William M. Fowler, Jr., Alexander Yale Gorianski, Keith Morgan, Mark Pasnik, Peter Kadzis, Henry Lee, Jane Marshall, Frederick “Tad” Stahl, Jeffery Stein, Frederica Wolfe and Abraham McLaughlin.

BBH Patrons, Sponsors and Friends

Since its founding in 2008 BBH has depended on an annual gift of $10,000.00 to the Thomas Tunno Forbes Fund -- the first year by Mr. H. A. Crosby Forbes, the second by Mr. and Mrs. Rawson Wood. That fund, named for a undeservedly obscure Boston China trader, an ancestor of Mr. Forbes, has sustained BBHs yearly budget in full, intended to provide for monthly scholarly essays on this website by DS-T or by one of the Forbes Scholars, and two public lectures, one of which is always by that years Forbes Fellow. Beginning in 2010, however, BBH must fundraise on its own, and donors are now asked to come forward to make up all or part of the annual budget, publicly or anonymously as desired. For past lectures sponsored by BBH click here on "Events"; for scholarly work published on BBHs website, which is now increasingly assigned reading in area schools, click here on "eScholarship." Donations, which are tax exempt, may be sent to:

Ms. M. K. Holder
102 No. Main St.
Sherborn, MA 01770

Gifts of securities and other instruments are welcome. Please contact the Treasurer at the above address. All donors in a given year receive notice of BBH’s various programs, including an annual cocktail buffet at the Chilton Club, which is by invitation only.

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