Immigrant Horizons

Public Library

Grand Stair Case, Boston Public Library

Populist goals were early encoded in Copley Squares aristocratic galaxy — especially in the Lowell Institute (key in later years to the founding of NPR and PBS) — and mass as well as elite education grew up there : The Massachusetts College of Art and both Boston and Northeastern Universitys developed in the shadow of the square.

Indeed, by the 1900s the rise of the Jewish Brahmin disclosed how the concept of the Boston Brahmin was becoming less ethnic and more vocational. a development celebrated by historian Walter Muir Whitehill, Shand-Tucci's mentor, in his Boston in the Age of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

Copley Square quickly became a modern religious and educational mecca and scientific center. Increasingly an artistic one as well (as the art museum achieved world stature) as well as home base to influential schools of pregressive thought — feminist and radical socialist especially — by the 1900s it is possible to identify Victorian Copley Square as having sparked the dawn of the modern American experience.


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